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The Organizing Committee at Conference Elite is pleased to organize international conferences in exotic places around the world. We form the best of Organizing Committees for each of our conferences to make them a grand success without any hitches or glitches.

Chen Chen

The University of Queensland, Australia

Joanne Bradbury

Southern Cross University, Australia
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Pawel Szulc

University of Lyon, France
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Stanley S Schwartz

University of Pennsylvania, United States

Rajendra Badgaiyan

Icahn School of Medicine, United States

Amr Amin

UAE University, United Arab Emirates

Youhe Gao

Beijing Normal University, China

Oleg V. Tcheremissine

Atrium Health, Charlotte, United States

Mohammad O. Hoque

Johns Hopkins University, United states

Dimitrios H. Roukos

Ioannina University, Greece
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Stanley P. Leong

California Pacific Medical Center and Research Institute, United States

Alireza Heidari

California South University , USA